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Library Catalog

Faith Lutheran Church stores about 1,700 books, CDs and DVDs in our library. Search the LibraryThing online catalog for resources for your Bible Study, Sunday School Class, or personal devotional guide or novel.  Please note, a computer is not available in the church library, so you will need to search the catalog from home or bring a smartphone if you would like to search from the church.

Instruction Guide

The Faith Lutheran Church LibraryThing catalog can be found here. This catalog is a work in progress; some materials may be available that are not yet listed online.

TIP: Use the browser back button to navigate through the site. Using the Home tab on the LibraryThing site will direct you to the LibraryThing homepage.

1.  Locate the Search this library box, located in the top right-hand corner.

TIP: Do not use the Search site box. That will search the entire LibraryThing site, not the Faith Lutheran Church library.

2.  Type in your search term and click the Search button.

TIP: The search feature will find sets of characters, not keywords. If you want to search for a specific phrase, place quotation marks around the phrase; for example, enter “Gospel of John,” instead of Gospel of John.

3.  The search will produce all items that have your search term in the title or tag.

4.  The Tags column in the center of the screen will list locations in brackets. The location will indicate the rack or shelf in the library where your item can be found.

If you have questions or need help, please contact Rita Barsun.