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About Us

Faith Lutheran Church belongs to The Lutheran Church – Missouri Synod. Members of the church are Lutheran Christians.


Jesus Christ

Lutherans build their lives on Jesus Christ. They believe Jesus Christ is the only, perfect son of God. They believe that Jesus died for them and for every person in the world. Lutherans also believe that Jesus rose from the dead and lives for them and for all people who believe in Him as their Savior.

Lutherans believe their lives today, tomorrow and in eternity depend on Jesus. They live with a sure hope of eternal life because of Jesus Christ. They know they’re not perfect; they stumble and fall in their daily walk with God. However, Lutherans also know that their forgiveness has been won and paid for by Jesus Christ and that when they repent and seek forgiveness, God will forgive them because of Jesus. And, they want to tell others about that hope!

Lutherans often refer to three “solas” (Latin for “alone”) as a summary of the faith that gives them hope:

Lutherans talk about Law and Gospel. The Bible gives the Law showing God’s expectation of people and the terrible consequences for not following His commands. But the Bible also reveals the Gospel, the “good news” of God’s love and forgiveness.



Missouri Synod

Faith Lutheran Church is a member of The Lutheran Church – Missouri Synod, which has about 6,100 congregations and 2.6 million baptized members. We emphasize the local congregation. That’s where people are touched one-to-one. That is where the Word is taught and our sacraments of baptism and the Lord’s Supper sustain our life with God.

Our Synod, or national organization, serves in support of and on behalf of its local member congregations. Support includes Sunday school lessons, hymn books, resources for ministry and worship material. Local churches receive help for special areas of ministry to serve people in both the congregation and the community

As a Synod, we combine our strengths and resources to do things that individual congregations can’t do. We send missionaries to other countries and maintain colleges and seminaries, provide loan funds for building churches, and operate a health and retirement system for full-time church workers.

The word synod comes from two Greek words: syn, meaning “a meeting or assembly,” and hodos, meaning a “way or journey.” We describe ourselves as congregations “walking together,” because our congregations all confess and practice the same teachings of God’s Word.

The Synod was formed in 1847 by 16 congregations, representing German Lutheran settlements in several U.S. locations. It was first known as the German Evangelical Lutheran Synod of Missouri, Ohio and Other States.

While our forefathers were German, today we count members with ancestry from every continent, including North America. The national office is located in Kirkwood, Missouri, part of the St. Louis metropolitan area.

Together we coordinate missionaries in 43 other countries and connect with 19 partner churches worldwide, including Trinity, Ellettsville, and University Lutheran at IU.